Pedal Tank Preamps Booster2

Rp. 1.160.000

Ketersediaan : Tersedia

Brand : Pedal Tank

Pre Booster is signal boost engine. This device adds a preset amount of gain
with 4 knob control this lets you boost your signal for lead work, adjust between
two different guitars with unmatched output (i.e., humbucker to single coils),
or it can supply a permanent boost in a long effects chain where signal drop off
is a problem.

This device use BS170 Mosfet Transistor pedal offering up to 35dB
without changing your signature sound unless you so desire You can
fatten/distort your tone, brighten or mellow up the sound, add or subtract
Bass, and add even-order harmonics!

Works great when put this pedal front of non-Master-Volume Tube amps
to goose them into submission, as well as through Master-Volume amps to drive
them much harder than possible with just your guitar alone. It also works very
well on Bass, Acoustic Guitars (with Pickups) too.

The Controls:
GAIN : adjust for fat sound and little more gain
TONE: adjust low/hi frequency

LEVEL : set output
SHAPE : adjust dc voltage flow to drain of MOSFET BS170

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