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Three ways speaker system
The QUBE BRK is a 3 way trapezoidal full range horn loaded loudspeaker enclosure. Equipped with two 15” (LF) woofers, and a coaxial 10” (MF) woofer with a conscentric 2” exit (HF) driver. The 2” HF driver with a 2.5” diaphram is coupled to a Renkus-Heinz® model - CBH2000-6 Horn, which provides a well balanced frequency response throughout the field of 60° H x 40°V dispersion. Due to the coaxial design of the 10” midrange woofer
and the 2” HF horn, the audio is reproduced from a essentially one-point source,which greatly adds to clarity and transparency of the sound and alsoreduces problems with lobing and comb filtering effects. The extremely highsensitivity of (106 dB 1W/1m) enables high power handling and efficient amplifierutilization, and provides the BRK speaker system the capability of delivering sound pressure levels of 133 dB (RMS) and up to 137 dB (peak). The BRK speaker system handles 2760w - 2x15”: 2000w (LF), 10”: 600w (MF), 2”: 160w (HF) RMS.
This touring specified enclosure is constructed with durable 13-layer, 18mm (3/4”) Baltic birch plywood with a scratch & scuff resistant black paint finish. The BRK cabinet is heavily internally braced for extra stabilization to prevent undesired resonance at extreme sound pressure levels and is equipped with extra-reinforced flying hardware that runs from top to bottom for easy rigging. Ergonomically placed heavy-duty carrying handles assist in transporting and stacking. The QUBE BRK is by sound and size carefully matched to the QUBE RUT Double18” subwoofer. Due to the identical sizes of the cabinets, the handling and rigging for these loudspeaker systems is extremely easy and well balanced.
Configuration Way 3
Recommended amplifier Watts (RMS) 2000/600/160 (LF/MF/HF)
Long term power Watts 1000/300/80 (LF/MF/HF)
Short term power (IEC 268-5) Watts 4000/1200/320 (LF/MF/HF)
Nominal impedance ohms 4/8/8 (LF/MF/HF)
Frequency response @ -6dB 50 - 18KHz
Low frequency woofer 2 X15" - 4" voice coil
Mid frequency woofer 10"-3" voice coil
High frequency driver 2" - 2,5" voice coil
Sensitivity (@1W/1m) dB 104/104/106 (LF/MF/HF)
Maximum SPL dB 137/132/128 (LF/MF/HF)
Dispersion H°xV° 60° x 40°
Crossover frequency Hz 3500/1600/100 (HF/MF/LF)
Recommended external controller SP 12BRK plug in module
Input connectors 2 x Speakon
Net dimensions (WxHxD) cm 124 X60.5X80 (48.8”x 23.8”x 31.5”)
Net weight Kg 104 (lbs 229)
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