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Two-way full range or bi-amp speaker system, dual 8” woofer - 1,4” driver.
The Qube Q 208 2 way speaker is compact, lightweight and easy to handle. Yet despite its small size, it lacks nothing in power. The slim line cabinet provides an astonishing 130.5 db SPL from such a small enclosure, placing it in the same performance league as systems with much larger dimensions. The dual 8” Woofer matching with a high frequency 1.4” driver and horn provide sound comparable to that of a single source, providing the presence and definition typical of coaxial systems. The result is an extremely flat frequency response between 65Hz and 18 kHz without coloring. Featuring Eight M - 6 fly points and a horizontal angle of 80°, the QUBE Q 208 excels for numerous permanent installations, including under balcony mounting in theatres, Houses of Worship as well as portable audio applications. On stage, QUBE Q 208 thanks to its multiple cabinet angles construction allows the use as a stage monitor or as a near field front fill speaker. The Q 208 is constructed with 12 mm. (1/2”) Baltic birch plywood and is finished in durable scratch and scuff resistant black paint.
Configuration (fullrange) Way 2
Recommended Amplifier Watts (RMS) 600
Long term power Watts 300
Short term power (IEC 268-5) Watts 1200
Nominal impedance ohms 8
Configuration (bi-amp) Way 2
Recommended Amplifier Watts (rms) 600/100 (LF/HF)
Long term power Watts 300/50 (LF/HF)
Short term power (IEC 268-5) Watts 1200/200 (LF/HF)
Nominal impedance ohms 8/8 (LF/HF)
Frequency response @ -6dB 65Hz - 18KHz
Low frequency woofer inch 2 x 8"-2 voice coil
High frequency driver inch 1 - 1.7 voice coil
Sensitivity / full range (@1W/1m)dB 100
Sensitivity / bB-amp (@1W/1m)dB 100/106 (LF/HF)
Maximum SPL (full range) dB 130,5
Maximum SPL (Bi-amp) dB 130,5/128,5 (LF/HF)
Dispersion (rotatable) H x V 80° x 50°
Crossover frequency KHz 1,8
Recommended HP filter 55 Hz-24 db oct
Recommended External Controller Qube SP 22 D
Input connectors 2 Speakon NL-4
Net dimensions (WxHxD) cm 29,2x67x25,3 (11,5"x263"x10)
Net weight Kg 13,6 (30,25 lbs.)
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